About us

The most important part of the concept of Casa Urbana is that through design and quality of our work, we offer the client the opportunity to call his house „HOME”.

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Who We Are Casa Urbana is a young company in which we value quality and transparency, and our portfolio includes beautiful boutique projects. Our main skills are related to architecture and design and at the same time we strive to offer the best customer’s experience. Thanks to our team of architects, structurists, designers, construction specialists and general entrepreneur, as well as the suppliers we use. We stand out in the real estate market through our unique way of integrating our building to its surroundings and through the arrangement of the interior space.

Our Story:

Casa Urbana was founded in 2011 by Dorina Lucu, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur, who, before starting her own career, has gained experience by working in several real estate companies.

The concept of Casa Urbana is the idea that although the buildings are located in urban areas (crowded, crammed, limited), the housing design should contain key elements of the comfort of a home: bright, ventilated and customized spaces- all of this leading to a strong attachment of the owner for its house.

With the incorporation of Casa Urbana the first real estate project was born. Tamaioarei project was awarded by the Order of Architects in Romania as „The best real estate project in Romania” at the 2012 Annual Gala.

What We Do

Our company is a promoter of space optimization in a way that the price-quality ratio is the best. The buildings are designed to optimize costs and functionality during their lifespan.

The buildings are designed to fit into the urban context and the interior spaces are bright, open and cozy.

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Our Partners We are also growing thanks to our partners who support us and with whom we create a team from the very beginning of the project. They all play an important role in the development and implementation of urban house works.