Pop de Basesti


Close to Bucharest’s city center, in a quiet area of the crowded city, there is Pop de Basesti street. On a parcel of land located at the end of an alley that cuts off the noise from the main street, we are about to build a provocative project, adapted to the area’s architectural style, with unique modern accents.

About the project

The construction will be developed on four levels, with a novel structure of the ground floor, that will allow the access from the interior courtyard to the parking spaces.

We want this project to bring extra comfort compared to the classical buildings and we will not only build a living space, but also a cozy environment, very well adapted from the functional point of view. It will be the place that will incorporate the needs of the families that will call it HOME.

The attractive design reflects both at the interior where, together with our experts, we have created a very organized space, and also on the exterior where, from the architectural point of view, we have developed an unique project, perfectly adapted to the neighborhood, in order to preserve the architectural continuity of the area.

All the apartments have balconies with little green spaces. The elements of the apartments that bring extra value to the space are the big windows, that contribute both to the interior aspect of the apartments and also to the exterior aspect of the building.