Located in the extended central area of Bucharest and near to Plumbuita park, the property has redefined the urban planning of the area. The construction has brought on the map of real estate a neighborhood with an unexploited potential until 2011.
By proposing a bold urban approach and managing to incorporate both the functionality and the special design, the project has successfully managed to use both the potential of the land and of the area.


About the project

Approaching the limitations of the land with ingenuity, the typology of classic building has been adapted to the present context. Thus, on the 282mp parcel we developed a compound project: two buildings adapted to the available plan, with a reduced print foot, saving the optimal space for an interior courtyard.
Aesthetically and functionally, the two buildings are similar to each other but adapted to the space constraints. The building to the street has a high ground floor to facilitate the archway which serves the access to the backyard and for the other building. The project totalizes seven apartments, one on each floor, with a built-up area of 68mp.

The design of the facades was developed as a central piece of an avant-garde architectural project, although not broken apart from the surroundings. In order to incorporate the project in a space dominated by the presence of houses on the ground, but taking into consideration the predominance of green spaces, the façade is plated with a distinctive wood layer.
The main challenge of this project was to optimize all the constraints in order to obtain a maximum effectiveness of the project. We wanted this project to be a synergy between technical requirements of the buildings and the delivery of a modern, comfortable and attractive home.

With the help of our professional partners, we have managed to deliver a bold project that has redefined the living standards of the area and managed at the same time to get the attention of other investors who continue to highlight the great potential of the area.



“Tamaioarei” project was awarded by the Architects Order in Romania as “The Best Real Estate Development Project in Romania” at the 2012 Annual Gala. This recognition made us very proud and motivated us to continue delivering reference projects on the local real estate market.