Vaporul lui Assan


Located in Obor-Lizeanu area, in a dull neighborhood, dominated by communist buildings, our project compliments through its bold design this area with great potential in terms of urban planning.

About the project

Disposed on a 1200mp area, with a height regime of P+4, the building proposes a diversity of apartments with 2 or 3 rooms, with different areas and various interior design. We wanted to bring a plus of comfort in the urban crowding by integrating private terraces for a few of the apartments in the building. We managed to develop a reference building in the area, atypical, attractive and very practical.

An element of style and tradition, highly appreciated by both the clients and the professionals in the field are the Balkan motifs which were successfully integrated both on the facades and in the interior common spaces. Born from the designer’s passion, the elements with traditional motifs were ingeniously integrated on the façade as air conditioning covers and as railings and decorations for the interior.

In setting the project priorities was as always, the great quality of the works, the special design and also the types of apartments which respond to the needs of different categories of clients. From apartments of 75mp built up area, efficiently partitioned for a family with kids, to smaller areas up to 38mp, the whole complex wants to redefine the experience of living together. The apartments are extremely bright due to generous and thermally efficient windows.


The small ship is a statement for modernism mixed with traditional elements into an aesthetic symbiosis, but mostly into a functional one. The project was recognised by some of the specialized publications as Zepellin Magazine, Architecture Magazine and the Catalogue of Collective Housing published by Igloo. The project was recently included in Landmarks of Bucharest, proof that the avant-garde architecture is a necessity for the urbanism in Bucharest.